Angela Bergling

24 x 30 ANALOG Extended Exhibition of 3 handmade C-Print* Vintages, on the occasion of the International Filmfestival Berlin, from 19.2.- end of March. Ackerstrasse 173, 10115 Berlin

° Chloë Sévigny wears Prada, american film actress, former model, fashion designer and film maker. ‚Chloë im Freihafen‘ Hamburg 1997
° Takeshi Kitano japanese film director, actor, artist (Die Zeit Mgazin Cover) Hamburg 1997
° Kirk Douglas, american actor at the Press Conference 51. Berlinale: Hommage and Golden Bear for his life’s work, International Filmfestival Berlin 2001
* C-Print = Chromogenic Print

Chloë Sévigny
Takeshi Kitano
Kirk Douglas